QUOTE | This ability to use social spaces in learning to support not just knowledge transfer but knowledge application is essential. If we can create spaces for discussion and challenge, a safe environment where new vocabulary can be tested and rehearsed, then we are adding something fundamentally new to the learning equation.

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There’s been some discussion this week about creating parameters for the measurement of the effectiveness of social learning. It’s a good call to arms, because it’s all too easy to be busy creating solutions without stopping to think of the essentials like this. ‘Social’ is a layer that can surround and enhance our learning solutions, but ensuring it’s effective requires us to think about measurement techniques, and also what we mean by ‘effective’!

There are a range of tools that measure social media presence and ‘impact’, such as Klout and Peer index, but they are not really measures of effectiveness, at least not in a format that we would want. They are geared more towards characterising your social presence, with a view to how influential you are. Both are quite refined models and, whilst not quite fit for our purpose, can probably influence our thinking though.

Klout deals with quantitative…

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