SHARE | Getting engaged to social learning. Issues of engagement in the online world.

QUOTE | Engaging users in a world that is highly competitive for time and attention is a challenge that should not be underestimated.

…and we say “here here”. Thank you for this post Julian.

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

To create a successful online learning environment, you need to address issues of technology, content and engagement.

Technology itself will not solve the issue. Content, in itself, will not do it. It’s the magic of engagement that draws it all together, and engagement is not something that’s going to happen by itself. It needs to be engineered into the project, the same as anything else.

The old adage of ‘content is king’ is certainly true, but social media take us beyond pure content. A social learning environment, be it formal or informal, will contain both original learning content and user generated material, with forums and communal areas where the two can meet. Without user engagement, it’s simply another information website.

Content can play a significant role in generating engagement through innovative design that is intended to draw the user into activities. For example, we often use an underlying methodology for…

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